Gallery – Vintage soviet landscapes

“Cloudy day by the river” .Summer painting of nature

Vintage oil painting on canvas,original summer landscape signed by USSR artist A.Kostenko

USD 149.00 Free shipping

Sea coast “Fishing village”, boats,

Ancient oil painting,original seascape signed by the artist of the USSR A.Kostenko,.Impressionism of the USSR

USD 199.00 Free shipping

“Autumn park”. late autumn.

Vintage oil painting, original autumn landscape of Soviet Ukrainian artist A. Kostenko. Autumn painting of nature.

USD 149.00 Free shipping

“Rocky sea bay” impressionism. USSR

Ancient oil paintings, the original seascape of the Ukrainian Soviet artist A.Kostenko. Seashore with a cliff

USD 349.00 Free shipping

Sea bay “Seaside resort village”.

Ancient original oil painting, seascape signed by artist of the USSR A.Kostenko, Black Sea coast, Impressionism

USD 349.00 Free shipping

“Spring rural landscape”

Ancient original oil painting on canvas, spring rural landscape, signed by USSR artist A.Kostenko. Spring painting of nature. Impressionism.

USD 149.00 Free shipping

“Spring landscape”, signed by Soviet artist A. Kostenko

Vintage original oil painting, spring landscape. Exotic flowering trees in a seaside botanical garden.

USD 149.00 Free shipping

“Quiet summer evening” sunset on the river. Painting of nature.

Vintage oil painting, original landscape,signed by artist of USSR A.Kostenko

USD 149.00 Free shipping

Glare of sun on water

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Vintage oil painting, original seascape signed by artist of USSR A.Kostenko. Marine painting. Glare of sun on water. Fisherman’s Wharf, boats

USD 249.00 Free shipping

Production and sale of print copies of various sizes from USD 79.00 Free shipping

Digital photo 1,2MB 2480 x 2182 pixel USD 25 will be sent by email

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