Gallery – Vintage soviet landscapes

Signed Soviet painting “Landscape of the river”

Original mid-century oil painting.Autumn.View from the island to the big city. Autumnal trees.

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Arts and crafts. Abstract oil on canvas “Park by the river”

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Vintage 1970s Impressionist landscape painting. Autumn. The trees. Painting USSR.

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Signed oil painting. Impressionist art modern

Autumn landscape. Original Mid-Century. Autumn step. “Country landscape”. Late, lake. 

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Trees on the lake, signed landscape of the Impressionists

Original oil painting of the middle of the century, summer rural landscape,, USSR

USD 399.00 Free shipping

Large vintage oil painting on canvas. Signed Vintage Art

Soviet Ukrainian artist A.Kostenko “Beach on a rural lake”. Professional USSR painting.

USD 2,499.00 Free shipping

“On the Dnieper”, 1962. Impressionism, Cityscape,

VINTAGE ORIGINAL RIVERSCAPE Oil painting by Soviet artist A.Kostenko, City by the river

USD 349.00 Free shipping

“Tractor” field landscapes. Socialist realism

Ancient landscape painting, Original oil painting Spring village painting, industrial landscape

USD 349.00 Free shipping

Impressionist art last century. Signed Famous artist USSR

Original Russian Oil Painting Big Spring Trees River flood People Boats Landscape

USD 1,990.00 Free shipping

Original oil painting, Soviet artist A. Kostenko “Seascape”

Antique painting, boat, sea art, Coast view, mountain landscape, rocks.

USD 499.00 Free shipping

Seaside village in winter. Winter sea, sea pier

Ancient painting, large winter landscape of the sea bay. Original work of art oil on canvas. USSR

USD 349.00 Free shipping

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