Gallery – Vintage soviet landscapes

“Golden leaves” hand-painted. USSR

Vintage Landscape Oil painting on canvas, original art, forest, nature, trees, autumn, forest landscape,

USD 149.00 Free shipping

River painting. Nature “Spill on the river” 1969

Landscape painting. Riverscape, Vintage oil painting Original by Soviet artist A. Kostenko

USD 249.00 Free shipping

Impressionism painting. The bay of the Black Sea

Seascape with oil of the middle of the 20th century. “Rocks” of the Soviet Ukrainian artist A.Kostenko

USD 249.00 Free shipping

Seaside village in winter. Winter sea, sea pier

Ancient painting, large winter landscape of the sea bay. Original work of art oil on canvas. USSR

USD 249.00 Free shipping

Forest in the fall. Yellow trees. 1960s

Autumn forest landscape old original oil paintings Soviet artist A.Kostenko. Autumn, impressionist art.

USD 299.00 Free shipping

Orthodox Cathedral of the 60s. Ancient picture

Russian art signed pastel painting Original work of the mid- century. Wall decor collectibles

USD 99.00 Free shipping

“Landscape of the old city” Ancient pastel painting of Soviet artist.

Vintage ancient square, fortress wall Scene Picture, Old house, Blue sky

USD 79.00 Free shipping

Excellent impressionist pastel “A summer rural landscape”, 1970

People on a motorcycle, country road, trees. Vintage Soviet professional painting

USD 149.00 Free shipping

“Golden autumn”. Professional Soviet painting.

Vintage original oil painted autumn landscape. Yellow trees on the shore o a blue river. Art USSR

USD 349.00 Free shipping

Art impressionism, socialist realism

Ancient original oil painting by Soviet Ukrainian artist Kostenko V. Summer landscape, tent city, Girls, dog.

USD 249.00 Free shipping

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