Gallery – Vintage soviet landscapes

Vintage oily summer rural landscape

Original antique oil painting impressionism. Soviet artist А.Kostenko. Summer, village view, green trees

USD 249.00 Free shipping

Signed. Vintage Soviet painting of fishing boats

Coastal landscape. Oil Painting. Famous artist USSR A.Kostenko. Original marine art,decor walls

USD 299.00 Free shipping

Spring rural mountain landscape. Blooming apple tree

Ancient painting. Original work of art. Oil,canvas. Impressionism. Collectible Fine Art USSR

USD 249.00 Free shipping

Ancient painting. “City by the river”

Big river landscape with fishing boats. Reflection of the sky in the watеr. Original art oil on canvas. USSR

USD 999.00 Free shipping

First snow. Winter riverbank

Original mid-century. Big winter landscape. Oil on canvas. Blue River of Dreams. Signed by a famous artist USSR. Аrt

USD 349.00 Free shipping

“Riverscape” One-on-a-kind work of art 1975

SPRING LANDSCAPE Vintage Oil Original painting by famous USSR artist A.Kostenko,Trees by the river

USD 249.00 Free shipping

Vintage painting of an urban scene “On the road”. Signed

Oil on canvas big impressionist landscape, original fine art. Industrial landscape USSR

USD 199.00 Free shipping

“Cabin in the mountains” Antique landscape painting of impressionists

Original mountain autumn landscape. Oil painting. Autumn trees. A.Kostenko

USD 199.00 Free shipping

“Evening on the river” nature artwork. Vintage. Signed

River painting. Original oil painting Soviet artist A.Kostenko. Riverscape. Summer landscape

USD 199.00 Free shipping

Vintage oil painting “Forest trees”

Rural Landscape Evening in the countryside. Ancient landscape painting Soviet Ukrainian artist A.Kostenko

USD 299.00 Free shipping

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