Gallery – Vintage soviet landscapes

Vintage painting of an urban scene “On the road”. Signed

Oil on canvas big impressionist landscape, original fine art. Industrial landscape USSR

USD 199.00 Free shipping

“Cabin in the mountains” Antique landscape painting of impressionists

Original mountain autumn landscape. Oil painting. Autumn trees. A.Kostenko

USD 199.00 Free shipping

“Evening on the river” nature artwork. Vintage. Signed

River painting. Original oil painting Soviet artist A.Kostenko. Riverscape. Summer landscape

USD 199.00 Free shipping

Vintage oil painting “Forest trees”

Rural Landscape Evening in the countryside. Ancient landscape painting Soviet Ukrainian artist A.Kostenko

USD 299.00 Free shipping

BIG Spring Landscape River spill in a pine forest

Ancient Forest landscape in oil. Original vintage painting famous artist USSR A.Kostenko.

USD 999.00 Free shipping

“Spring morning” people on bicycles. Impressionism. Socialist realism

Large antique oil painting, signed landscape famous artist USSR A.Kostenko

USD 1,999.00 Free shipping

A signed landscape of the famous artist USSR A.Kostenko

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A large antique oil painting, blossoming apple trees of the river bank,impressionism

USD 1,499.00 Free shipping

Production and sale of print copies of various sizes from USD 79.00 Free shipping

Digital photo 3,38MB 4447 x 3417 pixel USD 25 will be sent by email

Marine painting USSR. Vintage mid past century

Original oil painting, seascape, sea harbor, boats on the shore. “Fishing Village”. USSR Artist A.KŠ¾stenko.

USD 449.00 Free shipping

Big vintage oil painting “Spring landscape” family genre scene

Father and son on bicycle. Signed museum painting famous artist USSR A.Kostenko

USD 1,999.00 Free shipping

Impressionist vintage works. Road in the mountains

Original signed oil painting of the famous Soviet Ukrainian artist A.Kostenko,1980. “Autumn”

USD 300.00 Free shipping

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