Gallery – Vintage soviet landscapes

Impressionist artist Anatoliy Kostenko. Vintage oil paintings post-impressionistic decor

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Mount “Bear” on the Black Sea Coast

Ancient original oil painting, seascapes. Glare of the sun on the water. Children on the shore. Socialist Realism. Impressionism.

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“Spring mood” Canvas. Oil paints. 80 * 106 cm.

The painting ” Vesenneye nastroyeniye “1975. Kostenko A. Vintage. USSR

USD 1,199.00 Free shipping

“Spring motive” 1967. Oil paints. 100 * 110 cm

The painting “Vesenniy peyzazh ” Kostenko A. Vintage. Canvas. USSR

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The painting “Spill on the river” Oil paints 100 * 100.5 cm.

“Razliv na reke” 1975. Kostenko A. Vintage. Canvas. USSR

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“Rural beach” 1977. Vintage painting of the USSR.

Old oil painting on canvas rural landscape of the Ukrainian artist Kostenko A. 50 * 65cm,

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” Frost” vintage. Canvas, acrylic paints .

“Iney ” 1969. Kostenko V. Collection 48 * 58 sm. USSR

USD 299.00 Free shipping

“Rural Landscape”, Soviet Ukrainian artist A. Kostenko

Original oil painting 49x59cm., vintage impressionist, one of a kind, 1969

USD 249.00 Free shipping

The painting “Crimea. Sudak” 50.5 * 113 cm. USSR

“Krym. Sudak” 1955. Kostenko A. Vintage. Canvas. Oil. Collection.

USD 550.00 Free shipping

The painting “Crimean motive” 1971. Kostenko A.

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“Krymskiy motiv” . Vintage. Canvas. Oil. Collection. 52 * 62 cm. USSR

USD 465.00 Free shipping

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The painting “Spring has come” 1970 Kostenko A

“Vesna prishla” 1970 Kostenko A. Vintage. Canvas. Oil paints. Collection. 52 * 62 cm, USSR.

USD 429.00 Free shipping

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