Original copyright paintings and antique objects for home and collectibles. Professional Ukrainian Soviet artists.

Hello! Our name is Sergey and Tatiana. We bring to your attention pictures of a creative family, famous Soviet artists – Victoria and Anatoly Kostenko. Recently, interest in their work has grown significantly. Works have become an ornament of many private collections. Beautiful genre canvases, landscapes, still lifes painted sincerely and light. They make you see the beauty around us in the grayness of everyday life – the light breeze of spring, the last rays of the sun in the yellow foliage of October, the smell of fresh-cut mushrooms, the warm smile of a mother.

Also in our store are vintage items of folk art and home decor from the USSR. Many of them were in the family private collection of artists and are depicted on Victoria Kostenko’s still lifes. As an artist used them in her canvases, see in our store “Wings Of Soviets” in the painting section by reference:


as well as on the site:  https://soviet-paintings.com

Each item in our store is a unique part of the history of the Soviet Union and has its character. If you have any questions and requests, please write to us and we will be happy to give you an answer. Enjoy shopping!

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