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Museum painting / Ancient works / Original painting still life with toys / signed painting / still life of a famous artist / one of a kind / ready to be sent. This painting has been repeatedly shown at exhibitions in many museums of art painting in the USSR. The last exhibition with this picture was held in 1997 at the Art Museum of Dnepropetrovsk. The painting has preserved a museum inscription on the frame. See the photo.
Victoria Kostenko created “Still Life with a Dymkovo Toy” in 1967.
The title “Still life with a Dymkovo toy” Materials: Canvas, Oil Paint
Dimensions: 60 cm x 63 cm (23 1/2 “x 24 3/4”)
The painting was signed by the artist in the lower right corner and on the reverse side on a stretcher.

Before us is a canvas depicting clay toys, hand-painted Dymkovo toys, garden fruits and flowers in a vase. Dymkovo toys are one of the Russian folk clay crafts. It arose in the district settlement of Dymkovo, near the city of Vyatka (now in the territory of the city of Kirov). The Dymkovo toy is a handmade product. Each toy is the creation of one master. Making toys from modeling to painting is a creative process that never repeats. No, and cannot be two absolutely identical products.
Still life is made in a light airy manner and conveys the warmth of colors. The image is fabulous, tender, it is saturated with the aroma of flowers and fruits.
On the left, on canvas, a large ceramic vase, hand-painted, is realistically depicted. You can see it in my store, in the department of Artistic Ceramics. In a heavy clay vase, the stems of garden flowers gracefully curved. In front of the vase is a plate with large ripe apples and branches with red berries. The picture seems to radiate the warmth of a beautiful summer sunny day.

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Each piece of art is hand-packed. If the description indicates that the material is canvas, then this picture will be rolled up and packed in a special tube (without a wooden frame). If the description of the painting indicates that the material is fiberboard, cardboard or sandpaper, then this painting will be sent in a cardboard box (without a wooden frame), and then carefully delivered to its destination.
If you want to get this photo in the original old frame, do not hesitate to contact us, we will recalculate the shipping cost. All frames were made personally by artists in 1950-1990, many of them have chips, scratches, and scuffs of paint. See carefully the photo.

Condition: good vintage condition. The photo is relevant. You can see the whole picture, edges, and corners. Please look carefully at the whole photo.
Please note that the colors in the picture may vary slightly depending on the individual settings of your monitor.

About the artist:
Victoria Kostenko (1927 – 2015), an outstanding artist of the region of the Dnipropetrovsk region in eastern Ukraine. She was a rare Soviet woman whose talent was astounded. It is noteworthy that she managed to get closer to patriarchal men who did not like women at all. Nevertheless, Victoria enjoyed great respect as a master artist and continued her career, despite her gender.

Victoria Kostenko – Ukrainian and Russian artist, painter, graphic artist. Born in 1927 in Kamyshlov, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia. In 1949 she graduated from the Sverdlovsk Art College and continued her education in Estonia (the city of Tartu). Member of art exhibitions since 1956. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1971. Her works were acquired by the Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum, the Kirovograd Gallery “Elisavetgrad” and private collectors from all over Europe.
Victoria Kostenko is included in the “Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Painting of the Twentieth Century, 1900–1980” by Matthew Callern Bown (p. 162).
One of Victoria’s paintings “Portrait of a Boy” was sold at an auction in Moscow in 2012 for $ 8,294
All photos are relevant, so you buy what you see in the photo.
If you are interested in this painting, I will be happy to answer any of your questions about the condition of the painting, payment, and delivery.
DELIVERY WORLDWIDE. If you are interested in more than one work of art, I can happily combine shipping at a lower price in most cases.
We pack photos very carefully to protect them as much as possible from damage during transport.
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