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Antique portraiture. Vintage portraits, collection art USSR

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Vintage portrait, collection art USSR

Original oil painting on cardboard by Soviet Ukrainian artist A. Kostenko, Portrait, 1970s, 50 * 34cm, vintage portrait, collection art USSR

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Painting “Policeman” (“Militsioner”), 1968 year

Kostenko A. Vintage. Canvas. Oil paints. Collection. 120 * 80 cm USSR

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Old portrait of a girl in a headscarf

Ancient original art Soviet Ukrainian artist V.Kostenko, female portrait, original hand-painted portrait

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“Portrait of a boy with a horse” Fine art of the USSR

Unique original art famous Soviet artist of the 1960s. Ancient signed author’s painting

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“Fairy-tale lаdy” Signed. Fine art pastel

Original fairy-tale female portrait of the princess. Russian fairy-tale antique romantic painting

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Reverse art vintage. Portrait of a wife+landscape of the old city from the back

Two paintings on one cardboard. Antique oil painting. Portrait of a woman. A rare find. USSR artist A.Kostenko

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Genre scene “Granddaughter’s birthday” little girl

Vintage Mid-Century, pastel painting, original signed child portrait USSR artist V. Kostenko.

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Art miniature. Collectible portrait art.Original two-sided portrait. Portrait of an old man + portrait of a little boy

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Art miniature. Collectible portrait art.Vintage oil painting. Artist USSR A. Kostenko. A rare find.

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