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Antique portraiture. Vintage portraits, collection art USSR

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Vintage women’s portrait

Original painting by V.Kostenko 40x30cm, portrait of a girl, social realism, Soviet art, unique, 1970s

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Vintage portrait, collection art USSR

Original oil painting on cardboard by Soviet Ukrainian artist A. Kostenko, Portrait, 1970s, 50 * 34cm, vintage portrait, collection art USSR

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Painting “Policeman” (“Militsioner”), 1968 year

Kostenko A. Vintage. Canvas. Oil paints. Collection. 120 * 80 cm USSR

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Old portrait of a girl in a headscarf

Ancient original art Soviet Ukrainian artist V.Kostenko, female portrait, original hand-painted portrait

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Antique portraiture. Woman portrait, 1959 year

Oil painting by A.Kostenko. Portrait of the artist’s mother, professional painting, vintage art USSR.

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Portrait of an old woman in a scarf

Antique portraiture, Oil painting A.Kostenko, 1961 year, woman portrait, professional painting, Vintage Soviet art

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Large male portrait

Antique portraiture,original painting,vintage oil painting. Signed large picture of famous Soviet artist. Man with a book

USD 2,999.00 Free shipping

“Portrait of a boy with a horse” Fine art of the USSR

Unique original art famous Soviet artist of the 1960s. Ancient signed author’s painting

USD 149.00 Free shipping

Vintage woman portrait of the middle of the last century

Russian antique romantic female painting, original impressionist art “lady in pink dress”. Shabby Home Decor

USD 99.00 Free shipping

“Fairy-tale lаdy” Signed. Fine art pastel

Original fairy-tale female portrait of the princess. Russian fairy-tale antique romantic painting

99,00 $ Free shipping

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