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New !!! Reproduction on canvas

New !!! REPRODUCTION ON CANVAS. From 12/27/2019 Our store begins to print reproductions of any paintings you like on canvas. This service will allow you to get a quality item and save a significant amount. The son of the author of the painting, Sergey Kostenko, at your request, will put his signature on the front or back of the canvas. Several ready-made reproductions are already for sale in section “Still lifes”. The reproduction cost on a canvas with white margins of one inch on all sides is directly tied to the active print:

size of the picture 15 * 23 inches and 19 * 19 inches the price 79 dollars.

active print size 19 * 27 inches and 23 * 23 inches price of 89 dollars.

active print size 23 * 31 inches and 27 * 27 inches price of 99 dollars.

Delivery of finished products in rolls for free

You can order any other size and pull the picture on a wooden stretcher. It will only be necessary to stipulate what type of stretch you choose: gallery or ordinary. However, stretching work and painting delivery on a stretcher will need to be paid extra. To order the production of a copy of any picture and discuss its size, cost, payment methods and more, you need to contact us:


Look carefully at the original pictures. Scuffs and other defects will be visible on copies  if they are on the originals. In this case, at your request, for an additional payment, our artist can eliminate these problem areas on the reproductions.

Have a nice shopping !!!!

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