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Art ceramics. Hand-carved dolls. Work of the middle of the last century

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Hand-painted vase of the USSR

Rarely! Soviet Ukrainian ceramic vase. Vintage vase. Majolica. Collectible ceramics.

USD 75.00 Free shipping

Khokhloma tree painted in exсlusive black red and gold

Chic Vintage. Holiday Set of wooden dishes, mid-century. Vintage unique gift. Russia USSR

USD 199.00 Free shipping

Rural cuisine country style, table decor middle of the century

Old small rustic clay jug, old primitive jug, old Georgian ceramics, flower vase

USD 39.00 Free shipping

Vintage porcelain large ceramic water jug

Large porcelain jug. Zototist vintage bridal tea shower. Tea lover gift

USD 69.00 Free shipping

Khokhloma. Soviet Painted tea set of 4 items

Large teapot, teapot, napkin container, large tray, hand-painted tea utensils. Vintage signed tea set

USD 149.00 Free shipping

Vintage Large MURANO GLASS vase. Red silver bowl

Flower vase-fluted. Centerpiece Italy bowl.Stunning vintage retro marble two-tоne glass vase

USD 79.00 Free shipping

Stunning vintage retro marblе two-tone glass vase

Vintage MURANO GLASS vase. Red silver bowl / flower vase – fluted. Centerpiece Italy bowl.

USD 57.00 Free shipping

Maxi dress free cut,oversized dress

Boho dress, cashmere dress, white dress, dress sewn from big old Russian shawl, elegant dress. One of a kind

USD 99.00 Free shipping

Vintage handmade from the Czech Republic. Big wooden doll

Big puppet Charming witch. One of a kind. Unique Czech Baba Yaga. Beautiful witch

USD 149.00 Free shipping

Antique wooden figurines of folk art hand-painted

Hand-carved dolls. Russian style. Wooden figurine. Wooden sculpture. Wooden toy home decor

USD 34.00 Free shipping

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