Gallery – Military theme in painting

Memory of WWII soldiers

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The painting “May 9” . 90 * 100 cm. USSR

“9 maya” 1969. Kostenko A. Vintage. Canvas. Oil paints. Collection

USD 2,499.00 Free shipping

Original large signed oil painting

Vintage genre painting by Soviet Ukrainian artist A.Kostenko. Pursuit of a criminal, soldiers with a dog

USD 2,499.00 Free shipping

“Victory Day” 1970s,

Ancient vintage original pastel painting by artist of the USSR Kostenko V. 73 * 65cm. Collection Art of the USSR.

USD 199.00 Free shipping

Soviet art “Return of the soldier”. Figurative painting

VINTAGE GENRE PAINTING. Original Soviet Ukrainian oil painting. Genre scenes. Socialism

USD 1,499.00 Free shipping

“The memory of deceased son”

Complex large compositional ancient oil painting on canvas Soviet artist V.Kostenko. Still life of military items.

USD 1,499.00 Free shipping

Genre scenes “Conversation soldiers”

Vintage genre. Original oil painting of the Soviet Ukrainian artist, 1970s, military, soldiers in the picture

USD 249.00 Free shipping

Historical event military battle ” Battle of Dnieper”

Antique Soviet military oil painting,original art,hand-painted Soviet artist A.Kostenko

USD 249.00 Free shipping

“Soviet soldiers” genre scene Second World war

Vintage genre original oil painting, Crossing the river on horseback. Artist A.Kostenko

USD 299.00 Free shipping

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