Gallery – Still life of the Soviet era

Fruit still life of oil painting

Old original painting by Soviet Ukrainian artist Kostenko V., rustic kitchen decor, one of a kind. USSR

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Fruit still life

Picture of watermelon, pears, grapes, apples and an old vase with flowers. Original Ukrainian art and wall decor.

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The painting “Still Life with Cherries” 1968

“Natyurmort s vishnyami” Kostenko V. 67*73cm.Vintage.Canvas oil paints. Collection. the USSR

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Large still life of 1967 “Bread” 77,5*104,5 cm.

Kostenko V. Vintage. Canvas. Oil paints. Collection. USSR

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Oil paints 103*122 cm. “Still Life with a Sunflower”

The painting(Natyurmort s podsolnukhom)1974 V.Kostenko Vintage.Cardboard.Oil paints.Collection.103*122 cm,

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Ukrainian painting “Still Life with Fish”

Original oil painting 50*70cm. Soviet artist V. Kostenko. Still Life. Vintage unique works of art

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Flower painting. Wall art

Flowers still life original painting, vintage oil by Soviet artist V.Kostenko. One of a kind. Ready to be sent

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Sculptor’s workshop

Original author’s ancient oil painting. Still life with a sculpture famous artist USSR V.Kostenko. Soviet art last century

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Flower bouquet. Flower carpet

Vintage Original Pastel Painting,Mid-Century Naive Flower Painting,,Shabby Cottage Decor,Authentic Fine Art USSR

USD 99.00 Free shipping

“Fruit abundance” grapes, plums, an old jug with wine

Vintage oil painting, Original fruit still life of the Soviet Ukrainian artist V.Kostenko

USD 249.00 Free shipping

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