Gallery – Antique items for home and collectors

Vintage 1967. Russian Ancient folk craft

Dymkovo toy. Clay toys Russia. Bird Turkey with little chicks. Handmade. Antique clay tos. One of a kind

USD 89.00 Free shipping

Dymkovo toy. Clay toy Russia.Christmas Turkey. Vintage 1967.

Russian Ancient folk craft. Handmade. Author’s old toy. Ceramic figure. One of a kind

USD 99.00 Free shipping

Vintage handmade from the Czech Republic. Big wooden doll

Big puppet Charming witch. One of a kind. Unique Czech Baba Yaga. Beautiful witch

USD 149.00 Free shipping

Vintage wooden doll Hutsul folk. Wooden toy home decor

A rare vintage. Art hand-painted hand-carved dolls. Folk style wooden hanging toy

USD 49.00 Free shipping

Antique wooden figurines of folk art hand-painted

Hand-carved dolls. Russian style. Wooden figurine. Wooden sculpture. Wooden toy home decor

USD 34.00 Free shipping

Old Wooden Russian carved Grandfather Lesovik, owner-forest, good spirit

Hand carved painted wooden jewelry Author’s antique wooden figurine

USD 99.00 Free shipping

Antique collectible amulets. Nayarit pair of South American Potter idol

Stuffed Mayan figures Aztec Inca clay statues of tribal figurines

USD 69.00 Free shipping

Vintage antique unique Aztec Mayan clay figurine

Mexican folk art. Clay pottery. Hand molded clay figurine. Tribal Collectible amulet for home

USD 39.00 Free shipping

Retro. Spanish fоlk castanets

Vintage souvenir Bakelite castanets with hand-painted flamenco dancers and bullfight mid-century Spain.

USD 24.00 Free shipping

Collectible vintage Soviet Ukrainian toys handmade

Wooden figurines. Ancient dolls.Three figures of wood. Hutsul family. Dad,mom and daughter.

USD 49.00 Free shipping

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