Gallery – Antique items for home and collectors

Vintage Bohemia. MZ Czechoslovakia. Underglaze cobalt Set of 3 wall souvenir plates

Underglaze cobalt porcelain plates w.24 KT. Gold Pottery

USD 149.00 Free shipping

Stone dishes for beer. Collectible German beer mug

Vintage Gerz beer mug. Gerz beer jug. Beer mug with tin lid. Beer mug wiht embossed staining.

USD 119.00 Free shipping

Vintage Domex Old Germany beer mug. Bohemian рorcelain stein beer

Collection German beer mug, beer jug, tin-lid beer mug, ceramic beer jug

USD 119.00 Free shipping

Cute Soviet toy Cheburashka. Vintage USSR

Cheburashka-Soccer player. Soviet toy, Russia, Cheburashka in a baseball cap with a ball

USD 49.00 Free shipping

Antique little doll. Souvenir Georgia doll-princess

Vintage Georgian doll in brocade dress, plastic fashion doll, dancing doll, handmade doll

USD 24.00 Free shipping

Soviet book in Russian, USSR, 1978

Old book “Light the Heart”, Nicholas Roerich, Collection of essays, Color illustration

USD 34.00 Free shipping

1972 Vintage Book of ancient works of art with color reproductions of Rubens and His Age

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest in English.

USD 34.00 Free shipping

1972, Vintage Art Book with reproductions “Sixteenth-Century German Panel Paintings”

English-language hardback book color paintings.

USD 34.00 Free shipping

German hardback book,1968,Die manieristen von Marianne Haraszti-Takacs

Mannerists of Marianne Harasti-Takach. Color reproductions. Biography.

USD 34.00 Free shipping

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