Gallery – Figurative painting of the USSR.

The painting “Self-portrait” 1977, Kostenko V. Vintage. Canvas. Oil paints.

” Avtoportret ” Collection. 58 * 73.5 cm., USSR

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“Young gymnasts” 1971. Soviet vintage painting

Original pastel art painting, socialist realism, USSR artist Kostenko V. 1971, 60 * 52cm.

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Genre scene “People walk along the narrow street of old city”

Ancient pastel painting famous Soviet artist V.Kostenko,1970 Vintage cityscape.

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Village market square and people. Naive painting

Impressionist signed pastel painting of a market scene. Mid-century art. USSR art collection.

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“The conversation of lovers”. Man and woman in the park

Superb old romantic oil painting on canvas. Professional painting USSR. Collectible art

USD 249.00 Free shipping

“Maternal tenderness” Mid-Century Painting Vintage USSR

Ancient oil painting pastel Mother and son in the garden.Portrait of a mother and baby.

USD 249.00 Free shipping

“Boys on the river bank” Socialist Realism. Impressionism

Аncient original oil painting, boat parking, bridge, yacht. Glitter of the sun on water.

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Woman sleeping during the day. “Woman with a book”

Author’s original old pastel painting by artist V.Kostenko. Beautiful, sensual female figure.

USD 99.00 Free shipping

Original signed art pastel painting. Abstraction USSR

Two dancing girls on the background of a blooming spring garden..Vintage wall art 1960s

USD 99.00 Free shipping

Ancient pastel painting, ballet painting, ballet art

Woman portrait, dance art, pastel dance painting, dance wall painting, young girls art

USD 199.00 Free shipping

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