Gallery – Figurative painting of the USSR.

Big picture “Feminine grace” Soviet Ukrainian art

Antique original pastel sports painting, rhythmic gymnastics, , the art of socialist realism.

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Spring woman portrait. “Smiling girl”. The USSR.

Vintage expressionist naive portrait of a brown-eyed girl on a background of blooming lilacs.

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two girlfriends in national clothes on the background of a blossoming spring garden.

Vintage original oil painting of the artist V. Kostenko

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Portraiture, vintage pastel painting by V. Kostenko

Portrait of a girl, female painting,a portrait of realists, high quality of Soviet art

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“Girl in the apple orchard” vintage pastel painting

An old drawing of the Soviet Ukrainian artist V. Kostenko, 1970s., pastel. USSR.

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Genre scene “Spring landscape”. Impressionist art

Ancient original oil painting by Soviet artist V. Kostenko 1973, people, portrait of girls

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Original pastel painting based on Georges de Latour

Soviet Ukrainian artist V. Kostenko based on Georges de Latour, 1960s, 53 * 63cm. Vintage art collection

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“Summer holidays” Original art USSR artist V.Kostenko

Ancient mid-century painting, pastel genre scene. Boys relaxing in forest on banks river.

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Original Ancient Ukrainian pastel painting

Kostenko V. “Girlfriends”, 1969, 67 * 63 cm. Vintage USSR.

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Original Soviet pastel painting 100 * 50 cm.

Kostenko V. “Summer vacation” 1970, vintage painting of the USSR.

USD 199.00 Free shipping

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