Gallery – Figurative painting of the USSR.

“Portrait of lovers in the spring” Ukrainian folk art

Sketch. Original painting of the 20th century. Portrait of a man and woman. Romantic scene.

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“Portrait of lovers in a blooming garden” folk Ukrainian art

Original signed oil painting of the 20th century.Portrait of a man and a woman.

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“Picnic on the river bank” Collectible art USSR.

Summer day, tourists, original oil painting on canvas, travel artworks, socialist realism. Collectible art USSR.

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Big picture “Feminine grace” Soviet Ukrainian art

Antique original pastel sports painting, rhythmic gymnastics, , the art of socialist realism.

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Spring woman portrait. “Smiling girl”. The USSR.

Vintage expressionist naive portrait of a brown-eyed girl on a background of blooming lilacs.

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Portrait of a Vietnamese boy with a flute.

Vintage pastel drawing – 1960s Mid-century art. Children’s portrait. Antique art of the USSR.

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two girlfriends in national clothes on the background of a blossoming spring garden.

Vintage original oil painting of the artist V. Kostenko

USD 199.00 Free shipping

Portraiture, vintage pastel painting by V. Kostenko

Portrait of a girl, female painting,a portrait of realists, high quality of Soviet art

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Romantic female painting “Ballet Dancers”

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Soviet Vintage. Original Impressionist art., Portrait of young girls studying the art of dance. USSR

USD 199.00 Free shipping

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Digital photo 2,72MB 3163 x 3996 pixel USD 25 will be sent by email

“Girl in the apple orchard” vintage pastel painting

An old drawing of the Soviet Ukrainian artist V. Kostenko, 1970s., pastel. USSR.

USD 149.00 Free shipping

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